Facebook for Nokia S60 Phones


I've just discovered a mobile version of Facebook, perfect for users of Nokia's Symbian S60 platform (if you've got a Nokia N series or E series, then you've definitely encountered this variant of the Symbian OS).

Of course, Facebook has released a mobile version for Symbian S60 Fifth Edition, which users of Nokia's 5800 Xpress Edition have been using since that phone released, but us Facebookers with the "older" version of Nokia's operating system, the 3rd Edition, have had to put up with a sub-par experience using the m.facebook.com site.

It's really not exciting, and after searching through the Internet, I managed to find a suitable replacement for the Facebook Mobile site: an actual native version of Facebook for Nokia mobiles. Okay, actually, it's a version built for the E series range, but with a few tweaks, it's been made available to run for most S60-based Nokia devices.

I have installed it on my own Nokia, an N79, and it works really well. It has all the features you need from a mobile Facebook app: status updates, getting the latest news from your friends, viewing profiles, Facebook messaging (note: not instant messaging, just Inbox messages), and even tagging photos and uploading them. The only big disappointment is that you can't "like" statuses, something I quite enjoy doing (when it's relevant, of course).

For now, it'll have to do for us Nokia users wanting a native Facebook experience. We'll just have to wait until an actual version is released (if ever) for the Symbian market.

To download Facebook for Nokia, click here. You'll have to send the file to your mobile to install it.
(If you want to download and install it directly to your mobile, visit the Byte Lounge Mobile site, by clicking here: bytelounge.mofuse.mobi)

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