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The scientific field has long been glanced-over, purely because of it's high-geek factor. Most people aren't always interested in what goes on in the science world, yet its this section of society whose breakthroughs have influenced our lives in a scale so huge, it'd make the Big Bang look like an atom.

But with the rise of social media, we're seeing a renewed interest in the world of awe, with blogs springing up that post exciting news in a format that's accessible to the ordinary, non-scientific person.

And with the launch of STS-132, the last flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station, I'm going to share with you some great blogs, Twitter channels and websites to get your daily dose of awe.

The Daily Galaxy
Tag-lined "your daily does of awe" (yes, that's where I got the phrase from!), this blog posts awe-inspiring pictures, news and opinions on the latest breakthroughs in the scientific world. From shuttle launches to the latest discoveries in string theory, The Daily Galaxy has it covered.

The official NASA Twitter channel, this is my own definitive source of what's happening at the world's largest space organization. Get Tweets about the latest shuttle launches direct from Mission Control, posts from astronauts in space (!) and the latest info about where mankind is headed in the future.

@Astro_ Channels
The @Astro Twitter accounts are owned by NASA, and are used by current astronauts who tweet from space. Check out @NASA_Astronauts, a syndication channel of tweets from all NASA astronauts in space. Also, @Astro_Mike, who was the first person to tweet from space.

Fake Science
For the fun of it, check out Fake Science, which posts hilarious explanations of everyday phenomena.

Got a science blog you enjoy following? Share it with us in the comments below!

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