Pod to Mac and PC: Transfer Songs from iPod to iTunes


iPods are great for carrying your entire music collection with you, in your pocket. Coupled with an amazing music manager, iTunes, your music collection has never been in better hands.

However, one minor feature that Apple has made sure to omit is the ability for users to take songs from their iPods, and import them into their iTunes library.

Of course, we can clearly see the reasoning of this move: opening up the iPod to allow people to browse its innermost contents will enable piracy — the bane of the music industry sine the turn of the century.

But what if you, like me, have a new computer that you wish to transfer your music to? And I don't mean copying your iTunes library over to the new PC or Mac.

Here's the situation that I was in around the time when I got my new MacBook about a year ago. My current library on my old PC wasn't that great; there were a lot of repeated songs, and plus, somehow, my iPod ended up having more songs than the library on my PC, since that library went under quite a few re-sets. Bottom line: I wanted to get all the songs that were on my iPod onto my new Mac.

After searching around Google, I discovered a neat tool called Pod to Mac. There's a Windows version available as well, called, naturally, Pod to PC.

Essentially, Pod to Mac or PC is able to read all the songs on your iPod when it's connected to your computer. You can then either import selected tracks and videos. or the entire contents of your iPod's media content, to your iTunes library.

Pod to Mac or PC is really easy to use. It's got a straightforward interface, and once you check media you want imported into your iTunes library, just leave it to do the work.

One thing, however, is that this app is not free; it's free to try, but you'll have to pay the developers, Macroplant, $19,95 for a single-license.

I managed to get the job done with the freeware version, though. For just a few feature limitations, you can still get the entire contents of your iPod into iTunes.

Get Pod to Mac here.

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