SnapBill — The Elegant Online Billing System


I have been, for a long time, a proponent of South African-developed software. I strongly believe that this country has the potential to lead the African continent in the Web 2.0 sphere, taking the continent into the future with innovative, intuitive solutions that can give back to the economy.
South Africa, like many emerging nations, has an economy that is mainly entrepreneur-driven. These small companies are the pieces that fit into the grander scheme of pushing the economy forward.

However, these smaller companies are often on tight budgets, and as such, elaborate software is not the option when arranging the computer setup for a new startup, or refreshing an established business's computing systems.

A major requirement of many small businesses is a comprehensive billing system — a tool that allows a business to issue invoices and payment notification to its customers timely.

A recently launched service, developed entirely by South African programmers and designers, has revolutionised the way local businesses operate.

It's called SnapBill, and, as described on the site, it's a "secure, fast and easy to use billing in a Snap™".

From the moment you enter the home page of SnapBill, the class and stylish design hits you. This particularly makes me, as a South African, proud of the progress we have made in the technological field. I am an admirer of well-designed software; it shows the care and dedication the developer has for their product. The graphics in SnapBill are clear and crisp, and the layout is straightforward and intuitive.

You can easily sign up for a free account to try out the service, but for more scalability and power, it's highly recommended you purchase a license. For the amount of features that SnapBill as, the price is certainly worth it. There are two packages: Premium 50, which costs R50/month and allows for the managing of up to 50 clients. This should get a newly-started business up-and-running pretty quick, but if your company has a lot more clients, then the Premium 500 is for you; with 500 manageable clients this package should be ideal for most small businesses.

A winning feature of SnapBill is its "whitelabeling" ability on the Premium accounts. This allows you to design stylish invoices and billing forms using your company's branding and logo, with no watermark or other insignia from SnapBill. It provides for a more professional look.

SnapBill is controlled from the Dashboard. This central location provides a very structured way of managing clients, services, payments, and other functionality via a sidebar on the left hand side. It also offers a good summary of the latest statistics concerning your clients' payments.

You can accept payments with PayPal, debit order or credit card, making it far easier for payments to show up in your SnapBill account.

The system is really well-designed to be intuitive. However, there is a small learning curve, and it is highly recommended that you try the system out with a free account before implementing it in your company's workflow.

SnapBill is fantastic software for businesses wanting to have greater control over their customers' payments. Through a set of great features (of which, I am told, there are more being added constantly), the service brings South African business owners the tools to manage their company at a great price that's certainly worth every cent. And being web-based means that it's cross-platform, and owners can access SnapBill from wherever they are.

One important note, however: SnapBill is currently only available to South African users.

Check it out at www.snapbill.com.

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