Twitter for iPhone — An App in Review


After making the big announcement that it had bought top-rated Twitter app, Tweetie, the up-and-coming social network has finally released the first, official version of Twitter for iPhone this week.

The major things to know about this latest addition to the App Store is that Twitter for iPhone, unlike its predecessor, is free. It is, essentially, Tweetie2 re-branded, and in fact, the developer of Tweetie has moved over to work at Twitter, developing this app under its new name.

Whilst its completely refreshed in its branding, it must be known from the get-go that this app is still based on Tweetie's core, and so the experience will be very much similar to what was once a paid app. For us Twitter fanatics, this is great news! We're ultimately getting one of the best mobile Twitter apps for absolutely free!

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The first thing you'll notice when launching Twitter for iPhone is that you don't have to have a Twitter account to use the app. This ties in with the company's new approach: marketing Twitter as the go-to for getting the low-down on what's happening via "short, timely messages".
But if you, like me, have a Twitter account, logging in is as easy as tapping the "Sign In" control. After that, its sweet tweeting nirvana.

After using Twitter for iPhone, I can fully appreciate why Tweetie won that Apple Developer Award. The interface is slick. And I mean it. It's amazing, stylish and intuitive.
For instance, refreshing your timeline to get the latest tweets is as easy as "pulling and releasing" the screen, and the app automatically fetches the latest news. 

Re-tweeting and @-replying have become common functions that the average Twitter user uses most often, and with Twitter for iPhone, the interface provides a very classy way of bringing up the various options you have with a selected tweet. You can even translate tweets that are in foreign language
This app also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, accessible from the settings page.
This was the one part of the app that I did find a bit obscure. The settings page is easy to get lost in, and so it's recommended that you don't play in this part of the application often; messing up something can really hinder your mobile Twitter experience. 

However, one cool feature I did find useful was the ability to control whether Twitter for iPhone automatically rotates the screen relative to the iPhone's physical position. This is great if, for instance, you're wanting to read your tweets whilst lying down in bed. Normally, this would result in the iPhone's accelerometer going crazy, as it tries to figure out which position to set for the screen. Disabling this in Twitter for iPhone means an all-round better experience.

We must keep in mind that this is the very first outing the microblogging company has had with Apple's iPhone. There are still some rough patches in the app, and changing screen orientation is a bit jittery and slow at times. Minor bugs like this will most certainly be cleaned in subsequent refreshes. But for now, Twitter for iPhone — formally Tweetie — is by far the best Twitter experience you can get on the iPhone. And the best part? It's free. Go out and get it today. Your Twitter addiction will thank you.

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