YouTube Launches South African Version


Popular video sharing site YouTube has launched a South African-optimized version of their site, with its own ".co.za" domain extension.

This new site is said to be optimized for South African YouTube users, and as such will allow us South Africans to stream videos much more quickly, get South African-specific video recommendations from the home page, and it all-round improves the Internet experience for South Africans nationwide.

Mweb instigated a revolutionary phase in the South African Internet experience with their uncapped broadband deals, and this new move from Google-owned YouTube means that we're a step closer to that hope of a Silicon Valley-style technology industry in the country. Sure, it's a really small step, but its a move forward nonetheless.

YouTube's live streaming feature was hugely successful during the Indian Premier League earlier this year, even resulting in the site gaining a small bit of viewer-ship and competing with prominent sports channels like ESPN, SuperSport and CNN.

The new YouTube-optimized site for South Africa is: www.youtube.co.za.

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