3D Photo Frame that lets you 'see around' images without the glasses


Some people may call a 3D photo frame a bit of an overkill, but the people at Newsight seem to have turned around (no pun intended) the idea with this frame that was on display at the recent SID 2010 (Society for Information Display). The display is AUTO-stereoscopic, so no glasses needed, but Newsight moves the frame one step further by supporting a technology known as "motion parallax", a technology that allows you to look around the image (look closely at the image above, see how you can almost see around the animal). 

As one would expect, there is some trickery and tweaking that goes into making the image. Newsight says that the processing software can use any traditional 3D (or even 2D for that matter) and bring it to life so to speak. The software creates five separate images out of the source image, and when put together, you can see the same image from different angles. The only downside is that this processing must be done on a PC first, but Newsight promises that with the next model will feature built-in processing capabilities. There is even talk of a third model that allows two frames send images to each other.

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