Desktop Graphics Card connected to Lenovo T410s - Let the games begin


In spite of various technologies that give laptops better graphics performance while still maintaining a long battery life (nVidia Ion, Optimus etc), there are times when you have access to an AC outlet, and you just want to game.  This is where an external graphics solution comes into play, and although there are a few official solutions, this very unofficial solution by HardForum member Cyclone deserves a special mention. What Cyclone has done is take hook up a 2GB Radeon HD 5850 with an $85 PCIe to ExpressCard Adapter, add a 550W Power supply for the graphics card, and connect the whole system to his Lenovo T410s

(Connector for graphics card (upper) and ExpressCard adapter (lower))

What is described as a "major pain in the ass" to configure, has bumped his 3DMark06 (benchmarking program) score from 1720 (with integrated graphics) to a whopping 12765! This score is lower than if the graphics card was used in a desktop system, so therefore the adapter itself is a bottleneck, but nonetheless this score is very, very impressive nonetheless. If you ane seriously considering turning your humble laptop into a better performing gaming machine, then I suggest you head over to HardForum and read the full article. Beware however, this is not for the faint  hearted.

[source] HardForum

(Edit: this setup is designed to output video to an external monitor)

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