Kinect for XBOX 360: Announced and Launching November 4th


(source: Endgadget) Microsoft Kinect (left) next to 360 Elite Console and controller

Formerly known as "Project Natal", Microsoft's motion-sensing add-on for the XBOX 360 was officially announced on Jun 13th, and has been set to launch on November 4th 2010 (Microsoft were very specific about this), and so far, this is deemed as a worldwide launch.

The announcement was made a day before the "new XBOX 360" was launched, with a starting price of $299, but more on that in the next post ;). 

For those of you who haven't been following, Kinect is a "controller free gaming and entertainment experience". An add-on peripheral for the 360 console, it allows the user to control the console without the need for a gamepad, through use of spoken commands, physical gestures, or the presentation of objects and images. 

If you have not seen the Kinect in action, click here to watch a demo video with one of the games to be released at that launch.

There will be 15 titles released at the launch, including:

  • Kinectimals - similar to Nintendogs, but the animals are oh so cute 
  • Kinect Sports - soccer, bowling, various track and field games
  • Joyride - kart racing, but controller free
  • Kinect Adventures - lots of jumping around
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - frankly, this fitness game looks amazing, from Ubisoft
  • Dance Central - a dance game WITHOUT dance pads, from Harmonix

The Kinect is set to sell for $149, and $399 when bundled with the XBOX 360 Elite (new slim version)

[source] Endgadget

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