New iPhone Expected Tomorrow: Here's What It's About


Tomorrow is an important day for Apple fans the world over. In fact, it's an important day for Apple themselves. They host the WWDC — the Worldwide Developers Conference, a huge gathering of Apple software designers from around the world who will discuss and innovate around the Mac and iPhone — particularly the iPhone.

On Monday, June 7, CEO Steve Jobs will take to the stage at Moscone West, San Francisco, to deliver the week-long conference's keynote address.

And at that keynote, Mr Jobs is widely expected to announce the next iPhone — what we're calling the iPhone HD.

Here's what you can expect in this next mobile product from everyone's favourite fruity company:
  • It'll be called the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G would be too confusing, given the fact that next-generation mobile networks will be called "4G" networks, and this phone won't support that yet).
  • It will have a front-facing camera for face-to-face video chats using a mobile version of iChat

  • It will certainly be running iPhone OS 4, which means it will have the following new features:
    • Run more than one app at the same time with multitasking
    • Group homescreen apps in folders according to their genres
    • A more informative standby screen
    • Hundreds of new APIs that will allow developers to create stunning new app
    • The Game Centre, for interaction with fellow iPhone gamers, allowing you to share scores, participate in a leaderboard, and engage in multiplayer battle
    • An all-round faster experience
    • A more informative standby screen
  • A 5 megapixel camera with flash
Apple may even surprise us (as they usually do) with more features for this device.

The iPhone HD (if it ends up being called that) will most likely be released in South Africa not long after WWDC, as was the case last year with the current iPhone 3GS.

What feature are you looking forward to the most? Is there a feature the new iPhone lacks that you feel Apple should include? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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