Sony's new OLED screen can wrap around a pencil


This small screen is a glimpse of what will one day be Sony's 80μm-thick TFT Organic-LED (OLED) display.  The 4.1" display uses Sony's organic TFT (thin-film transistor) coupled with OLED technology, and is bound to a flexible 20μm substrate. This substrate does not have any rigid Integrated Circuit (IC) chips, and it is because of this that the screen can be wrapped around a cylinder with a 4mm radius (or a pencil). The screen has a 432x240 pixel resolution (or 121 pixels per inch - ppi), and can output 16M colours, with brightness surpassing 100nits and 1000:1 contrast ratio. This is still at a highly developmental stage, but a final product will definitely be released, sometime....

Click here to see this screen in action

[source] Sony

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