BlackBerry Weekly: Interlecta, a Translation App [Limited Time Offer: FREE!]


Translation apps are few and far between on any mobile platform, and although there's always the mobile version of Google's Translate product, the interface isn't that great on many phones.

BlackBerry users are blessed with a great app called Interlecta that can translate text in a myriad number of languages – their more powerful (and expensive) apps can even translate SMS texts and emails.

Byte Lounge regular, Imtyaz Rahim, pointed out to us that for a limited time only this great app is available directly from the BlackBerry App World for free. (If you're interested to know, the app usually sells for $4.95... so this is a great deal!)

It's dead-easy to set-up and use, and for languages such as Afrikaans, can even, to a certain extent, conjugate sentences correctly in the word-order of the specific language – although, use of the app in this way isn't recommended for full essays, as, being a computer application it can be prone to errors in itself.
For those who travel regularly, or are learning multiple languages (or are interested in spicing up Facebook and Twitter status updates and impressing friends!), Interlecta is a great app for your BlackBerry.

To get Interlecta, go to the BlackBerry App World (located under Downloads on most BlackBerry smartphones), select "BlackBerry App World", and search for Interlecta.

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