Convert to Any Video Format with Adapter


Byte Lounge reader Giulio Buscaglione sent us a tip in response to a recent article on the site about ripping songs from an iPod to your Mac or PC.

It's called "Adapter", and it's made by the same guys who brought us "Pod to Mac/PC". This piece of software allows you to convert virtually any video file format to another video file format. This could come in really handy when wanting to, for example, put videos on your iPod or iPhone, mobile phone, or to play on a specific media player software or hardware (i.e. Apple TV). What's more: Adapter is, as Macroplant (the developers) put, "100% freeware".

Adapter is still in beta, and so bugs are expected at this stage. However, as stated in the opening dialog that greets first-time users of the software, the developers are open to feature requests during this test phase.

However, there weren't many requests that came to my mind when I tried the software, as it's really intuitive and well-designed. Apart from allowing you to convert video to a myriad number of formats, Adapter also allows you to download video from websites, making it a great tool to use for grabbing clips from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Once downloaded, you can convert the file to a format of your choice, and even send it directly to iTunes for transfer to an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

You can download Adapter from Macroplant here, for free.

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