The Magic Trackpad from Apple: Notebook Tech for Desktops


This week Apple released another cool gadget to make Mac fans salivate: the Magic Trackpad.

Essentially, it's a trackpad for desktop computers, bringing the functionality of the company's famous multi-touch trackpad technology used on the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the desktop. Naturally, it's also the "largest multitouch trackpad ever", according to the company's product page.

Now, the big question here is: why on Earth would someone need a trackpad for a desktop computer?

But we must remember that this is Apple we're dealing with here: they can sell you a cardboard box and make it sound as if it's so revolutionary you just have to have it.

The Magic Trackpad retails for $69 – about R503,43 when it comes to South Africa.

This gadget allows you to use this new peripheral to interface between yourself and your computer, using your fingers instead of holding a mouse. Think of it as a larger version of the Magic Mouse – just that you can't move it around.

What use could this be to us consumers, I hear you ask? At the present, graphic artists can perhaps use it to draw directly to the screen – if the application they're using can support this. Really, in my opinion, this gadget it merely eye-candy to show-off to your friends. If you really desire multi-touch for your desktop computer, then I guess this could fit the bill as well. By the way, this sleek gadget is for Mac computers only. Sorry, Windows folks... (although I don't think you'll be missing out much though).

What's your opinion of this new Apple product? How would you see yourself using it? Is it even worth buying? As always, share your opinions in the comments section below.

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