Nokia Needs to Shake-up Its Act to Survive


As the release of the new flagship Nokia mobile approaches, the big question at the moment is whether the Finnish mobile giant can salvage its brand in the face of young competition in the form of Apple and Research in Motion (makers of the BlackBerry smartphone).

You see, Nokia still operates in the "old school" mindset that hardware is king and software plays second-fiddle in the broader scope of things.

Well, unfortunately for them, this concept hasn't worked out too well. Their investment in the Symbian OS to power leading product lines -- the N-and-Eseries -- has left them with products that boast superb hardware specs when compared to competitors, but lack the most fundamental aspect the discerning mobile user looks for in their next phone choice: the user experience.

Let's face it: the S60 operating system in today's Nokias is appalling. From jittery animations to terribly designed graphics (okay, the new Ovi look is cool, but the standard S60 icons from 3rd edition aren't that great), and an underlying system that gets bloated easily and suffers constant freezing and random reboots, the brains behind current Nokia products let down otherwise powerful devices.

The Ovi services have great potential -- but haven't been exploited to that extent yet. One need only look at the Ovi Store, and experience its poor selection of apps to realize that developers don't have time for a company that doesn't look after its software too well.

The success of a mobile phone company today relies on the menu of apps it offers its users. And quite frankly, Nokia has almost 0% offerings -- no native Twitter, Facebook or RSS apps for its overall selection of phones (only S60 5th Edition users benefit from a native Facebook app -- albeit one that is totally sub-par).

Thus the company is pinning its hopes on the face of the Symbian 3 operating system, an apparent complete redesign of the software. We can only hope that this redesign will bring the Finnish giant up-to-speed with current trend-setters like the iPhone and BlackBerry.

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