Sony to recall half a million of its "hottest" VAIO laptops


[image source] Endgadget

Now, this is a real cause for concern. Sony has issued a warning that about half a million of its laptops are at serious risk of overheating, and even causing burns. The cause for this is said to be the heat-monitoring chips in the VAIO F and VAIO C series (both launched in January), and the defect causes overheating and physical warping. Sony says that there have been about 40 complaints received, and that customers affected will be able to download a patch that will fix the issue, or contact the company to have the laptop picked up for repair. This is not good for Sony, one of the previous F series (Core 2 Duo, Geforce 8 GPU) had many complaints with overheating. Hopefully the electronics giant will sort out the problem as soon as possible, for both the benefit of the customers, and Sony's (already fragile) reputation.

[source] Wall Street Journal

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