BlackBerry OS 6 Coming This Week? [BlackBerry Weekly]


This week, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is expected to unveil their latest update to the software that powers the smartphones you know and love – the BlackBerry OS.

But there's a lot of work RIM has to do in order to bring the ageing operating system on-par with its younger, more sophisticated counterparts from competitors Apple and Google.

As GigaOM writer Colin Gibbs wrote, "BlackBerry OS has failed to support the kind of rich-media that lures consumers". And this could never be true. Whilst the latest BlackBerry devices are able to play a host of video and audio files, the user experience leaves much to be desired.

And coupled with the emerging trend that pushes most mobile users into engaging via the Internet, the OS's native browser does not compare to the experience provided by the likes of Apple with it's intuitive and almost desktop-like Safari Mobile browser.

Furthermore, BlackBerry OS 6 will have to compete with the much-hyped and now finally released iOS 4 that powers the latest iPhones, and is soon to back the iPad. This could be the one major factor that RIM can win in; at present, Apple has been receiving a lot of bad press over the iPhone, especially concerning iOS 4 running on older iPhone 3G models; reports have been coming in fast of the devices freezing and not functioning as they used to when upgraded to iOS 4.

What I'd like RIM to do with the BlackBerry OS in version 6:
  • Overhaul the user interface; bring it into the new age of mobile, and make it more intuitive to use.
  • Improve the native browser; bring it on-par or make it even better than Apple's Mobile Safari.
  • Allow the upgrade to be compatible with older BlackBerry smartphones; in other words, don't make it exclusive to newer, yet-to-be release phones.
  • Make synchronising with computers easier.
What would you like to see in the new OS? Drop a line or two in the comments section below.

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