RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Torch Mobile Phone [BlackBerry Weekly]


Image courtesy of Techland
At a special media event held today, Research in Motion, makers of the popular BlackBerry smartphones, announced a new mobile to their lineup, the BlackBerry 9800 "Torch".

This new phone takes a step away from the company's usual breed of mobile phone form-factor, delving into the area of the slider phone. Essentially, the Torch is a QWERTY-styled slider, and is the first ever BlackBerry smartphone that has a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen -- the best of both worlds, one can say.

The phone was unveiled in a joint-venture between RIM and American telecoms operator AT&T, so if this device releases internationally, its name may differ due to international regulations in certain countries.


  • 4.4" (5.8" open) x 2.4" x .57"

  • 5.68 ounces

  • 3.2-inch 360x480 capacitive touch-screen

  • Backlit full QWERTY keyboard

  • Optical trackpad

  • 624MHz processor with 512MB flash

  • 4GB of built-in memory

  • 5-megapixel camera w/ flash, image stabilization and video recording up to 640x480

  • GPS

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

  • Bluetooth 2.1

  • Wi-Fi Sync: view your iTunes or WMP library from your BlackBerry in OS 6. Create or edit playlists and select music for download from your BlackBerry.

  • 1300mAh battery with 5.8 hours of talk time, 30 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video playback

  • Source: Techland
    Interestingly, the Torch also includes the newly-released BlackBerry OS 6, which includes improved social media management, RSS feed incorporation for easily accessing your favorite blogs, and a new Universal Search tool.

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