AMD sheds off the ATI Brand


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a very very sad day. Seeing how users are tired of NVidia renaming  their graphics chips over and over, AMD is taking a very different approach. As of Monday, the famous red ATI brand is no more.

The folks over at AMD must feel that having 2 immensely powerful brands is too much for your average consumer, and consequently, the ATI name will be axed. The product lines will be maintained, so you can still have your Radeon or FirePro, but the ATI EyeInfinity brand that was launched with the HD 5xxx series will become AMD EyeInfinity.

The first cards that will "take advantage" of this new naming will ship out later this year, and the whole thing is due to AMD's shift toward hybrid CPU/GPU chips, so its seen as beneficial to work under a unified brand strategy. Sure, this makes it easier to manage, but did AMD realise that there will no longer be a ATI red vs NVidia green war? The end of an era is upon us.

[image source: Endgadget]

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