From The Apple Show September 1st 2010


So, Apple's Fall Event 2010 has come and gone, and left us with an overhaul of many of its products. Without further ado, let's take a look at just what Apple has in store for us.

Apple iOS 4.1 and 4.2

[Steve Jobs showcasing the new features of iOS 4.1]

The new iOS 4.1 boasts a number of bug fixes and has some notable features. The fixes address issues with the proximity sensor, Bluetooth and iPhone 3G performance, while new features include High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, HD video uploads over WiFi, TV show rentals and (to the joy of many) Game Center. That last feature boasts a range of new capabilities for multiplayer gaming, including the ability to challenge friends, track scoring, and new ways to find games, of which there will be some fairly interesting ones that will take advantage of the added capabilities. Keep an eye out for the update to be available on iTunes next week as a free update for the iPhone or iPod Touch (all models aren't guaranteed to be compatible with the update).

Apple also spoke about iOS 4.2, which has all the features of 4.1, and then some, and will finally bring iOS 4 (multitasking!) to the iPad. The feature of note is AirPlay, Apple's new iteration of AirTunes, which will be able to stream music and video to your i-Device over WiFi (the iPad can even act as host for the new Apple TV). Another new feature over WiFi is the wireless printing feature, which even has a Printer Center applet which allows you to manage your print jobs. It may not be pretty, but it a welcome addition to iOS. The update will be available in November for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Apple TV
[The new Apple TV]

Enter the new and improved (and frankly, very cheap) Apple TV. Streaming has improved, as well as the speed of the general interface. The Apple TV will be able to output 720p, which is expected, and Apple says this gives the best balance between stream quality and bandwidth use. Even though it is only 720p, if it works as advertised, nobody will be complaining.

iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch

Well, unfortunately, there isn't much to say about the new Shuffle, apart from the fact that the clickwheel is back, on the smallest iPod in the range. They do come in a variety of colours.

Presenting a new (complete overhaul), redesigned iPod Nano. Keeping with the Nano trend, its very light, very very thin, and has a capacitive multitouch screen. With the new screen, there is a new interface, with plenty of swiping for moving through sub-menus. It will take some getting used to, but navigation through the menus becomes quite sleek. Holding the middle of the screen to go back is difficult at first, only because you have to avoid the on screen items. Understandably, with the small screen size, there's no pinch and zoom, only double tap for a fixed in/out zoom.

The first thing one notices with the new Touch is that it's small. As one would expect, the functionality  of the device is identical to the iPhone 4, and maintains the function of the cameras. For all intents, its a   slimmer, trimmer iPhone 4, with no cell radio and lower quality still camera. Apart from the higher-res screen to look at, there are a few features the new Touch has that make it a versatile device: an A4 chip, front and back cameras to name a few. The only caveat is that the still photo resolution is at 960x720,a far cry from the 5 megapixel camera on the iPhone 4.

iTunes 10
Going hand in hand with the launch of the i-Devices, Apple has announced iTunes 10, complete with a brand new logo. More than just the new logo however, the feature to note is Ping. Labelled as Apple's take on a music centered social-network (similar to Last.fm), Ping will let you follow people (including artists), post comments, work with custom song and album charts, and even find over 17 000 concert listings. Ping will also jump to the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is available with iTunes 10.

[Update] Although there were many rumours that it may have been axed, the iPod Classic lives on! (Confirmed on Endgadget )

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