RealD to license ZScreen for HDTVs - cheap 3D glasses for the masses


There is hope yet. Those who have seen their favourite content in 3D appreciate the technology, but still find it difficult to look past the glasses, more so the bulkier active shutter types now bundled with 3D HDTVs. Everyone agrees that any 3D glasses that need to be worn are worse than no glasses at all, but the expensive shutter variant makes even less sense. In light of this, ReadD has announced at the 3D entertainment summit that it would license its ZScreen technology (shown above) to manufacturers of 3DTVs. The big question is how much these 3DTVs cost, currently, the expensive active shutter glasses help keep the price of the TV set more in line with the 2D version. Another question is how will the 3D quality from a system which uses the same inexpensive glasses that one would find at the cinema stand up to what active shutter glasses can offer. That said, this is certainly good news for us all, especially for those who hate the expensive, battery running active shutter glasses.

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