Byte Lounge was started in December 2008 by teen blogger Rahul Dowlath, as a "next step up" from his original blogging endeavour, TechZone.

The blog offers definitive insights into the world of technology, from chronicling the changing tides in social media, to the latest from across the internet, and previews, reviews and how-to's.

The focus of Byte Lounge is to bring all this information together in quality articles posted frequently, that aim to enlighten the everyday technology user of what's hot on the tech scene.

The blog broadcasts to a diverse audience prominent in South Africa, The Netherlands and the USA. Our focus is to bring the latest tech insights to these markets, particularly the South African tech market, where knowledge of the tech scene from a South African perspective is sparse.

If you wish to contact us, please visit the Connect page for more information. Guest bloggers wishing to post on the site may also find relevant information there.

The Team
Byte Lounge is run by two passionate tech bloggers, from South Africa and The Netherlands. Click the links below to read their profiles.
  • Rahul Dowlath, founder and editor (South Africa) »Rahul's Profile
  • Nitesh Dowlath, tech blogger (The Netherlands)

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