Rahul Dowlath

I'm the founder and lead writer of Byte Lounge. My passion for technology is immense, and it has driven me to publishing my thoughts of this ever-changing sphere on many platforms.

I started the blog in December 2008 as a "step-forward" from my initial tech-blogging (ad)venture, Tech|Zone. Using totally new technology, and with a fresh vision and exciting ideas, Byte Lounge was born.

I've guided this blog in its small transitions in its focus topics, from being merely a "tech blog", to becoming a definitive source of technology news, opinions and how-to's for everybody, and not just the techies.

Byte Lounge has enabled me to have a voice that transcends borders, and through the blog I've been able to connect with great people from across the world.

I am also deeply passionate about writing, and you can find more of my words at my own blog, Life in Pixels. You can also follow me on Twitter to get the latest.

Life in Pixels (my blog): www.rahuldowlath.com

Twitter: twitter.com/RahulDowlath

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